Mart Shopping Mall

Location: Taraz, Kazakhstan

Contract Type: Development management and general contracting

Construction Area: 60,000 m2

Project Status: Ongoing

Project Description: This project illustrates Alto Partners’ capabilities in creating living environments, and its core value of commitment to the community. One of the oldest cities in Kazakhstan, Taraz celebrated its UNESCO-recognized 2000th Anniversary in 2001.Taraz was a major trade center along the northern Silk Road, and is currently one of the fastest growing cities in the region. Our project is located right on the Silk Road in the center of town, and involves building over parts of the oldest marketplace and largest covered bazaar. The first shopping mall to be built in Taraz, Alto Partners’ project will be the main communal gathering place. The community that used to get together in the old marketplace will now congregate in the modern Mart Shopping Mall. While architectural design will take its clues from the city’s historically significant past, this project will be a vanguard for city planning and future buildings in the area, as well as, for future national and international investors.