ANK-IST HighSpeed Train Project

Location: Bilecik/Turkey

Client: Turkish State Railway (TCDD)

Contract Type: Subcontractor – ICTAS-CENGIZ-BELEN Joint Venture

Responsibility: Lump-Sum contract execution for manpower, equipment, material and supervision for tunneling and concrete works for T26, T24, T27 tunnels. Total bored in situ tunnel length is 4.2km for the main axis and 3km for G1, G2 and G3 evacuation tunnels.

Construction Area: Infrastructure-High Speed Train

Project Status: Ongoing

Project Description: As a part of the major High Speed Train Project between Istanbul and Ankara, rehabillitation works for the area collapsed around Bilecik, T26 tunnel works shall be refrained. The works include tunnel works to approach the main T26 tunnel, secure the tunnel and disassembly the TBM machine already stuck in the tunnel. Furthermore, the remaining tunneling and concrete works for the T26 for 4.2km and evacuation tunnels to be performed. Works include but not limited to 800,000m3 excavation, 280,000m3 of concrete works, 30,000tons of steel supporting and reinforcement works 1.100,000meters of tunnel bullets for tunnel reinforcement 500,000meters of tunnel boring reinforcement. Alto Partners is fully committed to fulfill this unique project with high level of performance and safety requirements 3 years.