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Development & Project Management

Sectors we cover:

Shopping Centers& Retail Stores Business Centers& High Rises ResidentialDevelopments Hotels & Resorts Institutional

Services we provide:


  • Feasibility & site selection
  • Preparing tender packages for design works
  • Soliciting proper Designer and Engineer Teams for the project
  • Local adaptation of the design package as deemed necessary
  • Leading & coordinating of design & engineering activities
  • Optimization of the civil/structural, mechanical, electrical and process design and specifications for value engineering
  • Preparation of tender documentation for construction, leading the tender, and awarding the contract

Construction Management

  • Value engineering of materials, suggesting and locating alternative and substitute materials and systems
  • As needed, direct purchasing of Operations Supply and Equipment (OS&E), Fix, Furniture and Equipment (FF&E), specialty systems and equipment, interior materials, lighting fixtures, artwork from the suppliers
  • Ensuring project is implemented in accordance with best QAQC and HSE practices
  • Leading weekly/monthly progress review meetings with construction subcontractors and other related parties
  • Inspection of materials during production and the manufacturing site, on a monthly basis if site is abroad
  • Organizing delivery and customs clearance of materials purchased from abroad
  • Preparing and completing the punch list with related parties
  • Collecting documentation related to construction scope for regulatory requirements
  • Preparation of commissioning documents (start-up plans, maintenance schedules, spare part checklists, equipment manuals)
  • Preparing and signing the Act of Acceptance of the construction with the related parties

Marketing, Sales, Leasing and Financing

  • Preparation of investment, debt, private placement memoranda
  • Negotiation with potential equity investments and/or financial institutions
  • As needed, selection of an operator
  • Market research and determining sales and leasing strategies
  • Setting up sales and leasing teams
  • Assisting buyers during sale processes
  • Preparing marketing documents, collaterals, documents, mock-ups
  • Drafting sales and lease contracts

Asset Management

  • Organization of operations and maintenance teams (OM)
  • Coordination of tenant relations
  • Management of utilities
  • Upkeep of landscaping
  • Tenant support through marketing activities
  • Managing banking relationships, refinancing options